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Safety notes and interesting facts about Magnetic Pencils:

• Neodymium magnets are composed of neodymium, iron, and boron (NdFeB). They are the strongest currently existing permanent magnets. The benefit of neodymium magnets is the strong adhesive force despite the small volume. They also maintain their adhesive force for many years.

• NdFeB is unstable when exposed to air and oxidizes slowly. This means that the magnet decomposes without an intact coating. This will be perceivable by a dust layer on its surface, and of course by a decrease in magnetic attraction. Neodymium magnets have at least a triple surface coating to prevent the risk of decomposition. Great care should be taken during processing to prevent the surface coating from damage by scratching or clashing or contact to acids. The magnets should be stores at a dry place to prevent corrosion of the inner material. The best care for magnets is the prevention of contact to acids; this even includes skin contact, because sweat promotes corrosion.

Even magnetic data carriers are potentially threatened by magnets.
Magnets are no toys to be given to children!

• If magnetized materials undergo air transportation, keep the most current valid IATA regulations (magnetic fields must not occur outside the packaging - if necessary, provide a magnetic shield).

• Safety information for the handling of magnetic pencils:
Small neodymium magnets normally represent only a minor hazard. Nevertheless, comply with the above information and safety advice to prevent damage and injury and to the ensure the maximum lifetime of the magnets. Hand this information also to other people handling magnetic pencils.

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